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A most common saying by many businessmen around the globe is let others do what they love and you do what is profitable. Maybe not all of you would agree with this because there are many people who believe in doing what they love and making their passion their profession. Well if you are one of those who prefer to make your passion your profession, even then you can do a profitable business. All you need is to use some tips which successful businessmen have been using for years. In this article, we have mentioned some tips which will help you make your business profitable.

There is no harm in doing a job which suits your interest but at the end of the day, you need to realize the fact that satisfying your interest does not necessarily earn you money. You need to be more focused on earning money before fulfilling your dreams and once you have got the money, no one will stop you from making your dreams come true. You need to work to live a good life and keep your family happy. Always plan ahead as a successful business plan will have all the important strategies for at least next 5 years. Keeping proper record of monthly and yearly profit and loss is also very much important as this will give you a track of what you were doing wrong.

Learn from your mistakes and do not take things negatively in business. You had loss this month which does not mean you are not a good businessman because loss is part of a business. Always aim high because that is the only way for a profitable business. You need to make good social relationships with your clients and fellow businessmen. More contacts you have, more chances are there for a profitable business.

If you are planning to start a new business, you need to consider a lot of things. The area for your physical business store plays a very important role in its success. For example, if you are planning to open a business in Saint Paul, you do not want to start where there is already a running business as you will have to face competition which is not necessarily good for a new business. In some cases, it is better to open a business where similar businesses already exist but this varies from the type of business you have and how good resources you already got. Just remember that staying positive is the key for a profitable business and you have to put constant effort in order to flourish it.

Housing Market Boosts Carpet Industry

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Unless you been living under a rock the past 6-7 years the housing market took an ugly turn back in 2007 and 2008. The housing market pretty much tanked as Big boy banks have failed on the loan portion of the deals. They randomly and with our caution, granted mortgage loans to people they knew wouldn’t be able to pay them back! They knew that the crash would eventually happen. Well it happened and it hurt nearly everybody! Those especially hit hard were those not only in the housing market but those businesses and industries that are related to it.

The surprising industry that has seen a significant boost is the carpet cleaning industry. Carpet cleaners in Chantilly VA have seen a nice ROI on there businesses because the massively expensive housing market has taken such a hit that many people would lose money if they decided to sell their homes.

There is a correaltion between the housing market in that area and those people who are improving their current homes. This suggests that homeowners are opting to renovate there homes and pour money into their current home rather than selling the home.

carpet cleaners in chantilly va


This actually makes sense because as the housing market gets better their homes will increase in value along with any improvements they have made to their property. That is actually a very smart thing to do!

Sleek and Sexy: Surgeon Marketing

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With the use of the wen becoming more and more dominant, there has been an increase in marketing trends. The trend predicts that the marketing sector as a whole will growth by a whopping 23.5 % year over year until the year 2020.


That is a huge spike in the marketing industry. Experts are predicting that more millionaires will be created from the internet and by using web marketing than by any other sector.


To try and get a foothold on how this is possible we started to look at some very interesting things. Since 2007 marketing for surgeons has skyrocketed by nearly 3000%! Talk about a massive massive jump!


we have talked to a few well known marketers on the subject and got an inside look as to why this industry is so sought out by other marketers. Once we started doing some basic math it was very easy to see why.

Here are the expenses for a typical plastic surgery:


  • $1,200 for 4 hours of work for the Surgeon ($300/hr)
  • Salary of 4 staff personnel costs about $400
  • Cost of Anesthesia: $1,500
  • inpatient recovery: $1,850
  • insurance fees, practice fees: $999
  • Cost of other meds: $2,500
  • Medical supplies for operation: $3,000-8,000 (depending on the operation)




So as you can see the expenses add up pretty darn quick. I mean 1 customer is worth nearly $12,000 to the doctor. This is what is called a high end client or a high ticket sales item.


This means that 1 sale brings big bucks to the seller, in this case the doctor.


Say a marketer brings in 2-3 new customers per month, the marketer can very easily charge the doctor $2,000-3,000 per month for his services because the marketer would cost 24-36k per year and would generate nearly $288,000 in gross sales for the doctor. for more stats check out Pittsburgh Towing


That is a very generous trade off for the doctor don’t you think? One client like that and you would basically be making a full time income just like that. If you get a few clients like that you very easily have a 6 figure business.


Of course it is a lot easier said than done though.


There is a lot of tough competition out there targeting these high end clients.


Southern Fried Business Deals

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Biloxi Condo 39530

If you are really looking for some sweet business deals please hook up with my friend Tanya Swoope. She runs a real estate business out of a little office in Biloxi Mississippi.

biloxi condo 39530

Tanya will provide you with some of the best real estate deals out on the market right now. If you are an investor, you will really like the houses she has to deal for you. Most of these houses are at a reduced cost because they are still leftover from the

devastating damages from Hurricane Katrina. With some love and warmth, these homes have extreme upside potential as they are within walking distance to the ocean. Major improvements were made to these properties including the flooring and carpets.  St. Louis Carpet Cleaners have been nice enough to provide complimentary scraps and materials to help this area get back on its feet. You will get some of the best deals. Tanya specializes in biloxi condo 39530 which are located on the beachfront side of the highway.

The south has always been notorious for having sweet deals in the real estate area. With interest rates at record lows and with the hint of a possible interest rate hike later this year, this may be the last time you will see

real estate prices this low. Investors are gobbling up all of these southern business deals and then turning around and making a good ROI on their investment.

Are you an investor or perhaps just a business man? Are you interested in making a decent return on your money this year? Then you need to check out these deals before they are all gone!

If you wish to contact my dear friend Tanya, you may find her at Todd Boczkowski.

Be sure to tell her that I sent you, maybe she will be able to hook you up with a discount, or maybe even a little bigger house for the same price!

Pink Zebra Sprinkles Makes Splashes in Iowa

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Pink Zebra


Pink Zebra Sprinkles

PZ is a direct selling company that has been on a roll the past two years. PZ is now more popular than the golden powerhouse company Scentsy.

Recently the young company, founded by Tom and Kelly Gaines, held a conference in Ohio a few weeks. Several PZ consultants from Iowa traveled the 6 hour trip because there was a big announcement that was going to be made.

The convention which brought together thousands of promoters of the now popular candle company.

Debbie Helsing, who is a student at Iowa State University was on or the many Iowa promoters that were in attendance.

“This company has changed my life!” she exclaimed as the 23 year old single mother gathered around a group of Iowa PZ consultants.

PZ, who is dedicated to helping out single moms and parents, has helped Debbie to quit her full time job at a marketing agency.

“It’s been quite a ride and quite a change because as a mom, I still had to go to school, work, and be a parent. Now I can focus on school while being able to be a more involved and hands-on parent.”

This is just one of several stories where the infamous Pink Zebra Sprinkles products has changed lives.

In fact PZ’s motto is change your fragrance and change lives. The sprinkles can be mixed with other flavors making it possible to create your own concoctions of smells within your home.

A PZ consultant has the ability to net a $60,0000/yr salary if they can reach the position of an executive manager.

That is a nice take home salary, especially for a 23 year old single mother who also attends college.

It is easy to understand now how the PZ movement has been changing lives.

If you wish to follow Debbie on her journey please visit her PZ biz page, St. Louis Plumbing

Debbie also says that anybody from the Iowa area that signs under her gets a free $100 gift card to spend on the PZ store!

Money Plus Marketing Equals Power

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A lot of people believe that money isn’t everything. I beg to differ. Money is everything. Money is all around us. Money controls our everyday way of life.

Some people believe that Multi-Level Marketing or MLM as it has become known, that this is not an effective way to create and generate money.

The MLM industry has gotten beat up and has gotten a bad reputation over the years. It is become an industry where a lot of people get the wrong information. Most people believe that this industry

is a way to make quick money. Yes it is true that the MLM industry can generate an income that rivals most CEO’s however most people don’t realize that it still takes a lot of work.

Most people that get involved in this type of industry put in hard work for about a month and if they aren’t generating any money they quit.

MLM Marketing System

From this point they will call it a scam when in reality it was just the fact that they were just being lazy. Starting a real business and earning a salary that of a CEO takes hard work and dedication.

It is also interesting to note that there are plenty of MLM companies out there that use outdated marketing methods. This is the 21st century and many companies still use marketing methods that were used back in the 1970’s and 1980’s.

There are a lot of people in this industry that have no idea what an marketing system is. This system will make life easier for you like a boss! 

It will allow you to market your business product or service easier and generate more leads for your business. This will allow you as a business owner to focus on other areas for your marketing business.

This will eventually allow your business to grow and you will be able to make more money in your marketing business.

This will still be a tough task however, as long as you stay the course and continue to work at it, your marketing skills will pay off eventually.

thinking outside of the box when it comes to marketing will give you the power you need to lift off your Newked Marketing Linkedin Page business. For example you go and visit here and you will notice that this is set up for a marketing system.

This system will generate leads for this business however the work still needs to be done and you are not always promised to be making thousands of dollars as soon as you get started.

If you keep putting in hard work, you will eventually succeed in your marketing business.